About Blush Safari

Who Are We?

We're on a mission to improve and diversify your beauty & fashion routine by sourcing you the most sought-after products and fashion.Our curated range includes new launches for you to experiment and have fun with, as well as timeless classics which have stood the test of time.

From Blush Safari beginnings in the cultural hotpot of Vegas we know that beauty doesn't have a one size fits all approach.

 store that stood in the bustling streets of Clapham was once the locals' favourite house of brands for all things ethnic hair and beauty.

Fast forward to today, the family business has grown to accommodate the changing behaviours and habits of it's customers, and has welcomed the rapid  digitalisation of the business with open arms. 

Today, our website hosts over fifty (and counting) of the most sought-after brands, all compiled into one convenient website for your comfort and ease.

Embracing the inclusive landscape of the beauty industry is our game. 

Over the last decade, the beauty scene has transformed significantly, with brands and companies eager to expand their horizons and cater to a wider spectrum of skin and hair types. Just Right Beauty has been embracing inclusivity in the industry since 2019  hence we embody and embrace the need for an all-inclusive digital space for men and women to browse and shop their beauty-cabinet favourites without barriers to their favourite brands.

Our website was created to allow you to explore and discover products which will supplement your journey of discovery by sourcing reliable, credible cosmetics from brands all around the world which aspire to boost your confidence, and inspire the best version of yourself.